What’s Hivy?

Hivy is a platform for office operations teams to easily collect employee requests, manage projects, and gather data to anticipate office needs.

Hivy serves as a helpdesk system for employees. Team members can submit requests, orders, and suggestions through the Hivy web app, by email, or via Slack. Office operations teams can then organize, prioritize and collaborate on requests and tasks. Hivy’s reporting features enable goal tracking and performance measurement.

How can I set up Hivy for my office?

To set up your account, just complete the Get Started form and we’ll get back to you with access information as soon as possible.

If you already have an account, you’ll want to invite your team and set up your custom catalog.

How do I connect my company’s Slack account to Hivy?

In the Settings tab of your Hivy dashboard, select “Connect Your Slack.” From there, follow the steps to authorize the integration. Note that you need to be authorized in Slack to add applications.

How do I invite my team?

By email: In the Settings tab of your dashboard, select “Manage your team” and click on “Invite a teammate.” You can either invite individual users or send a bulk invite. To send a bulk invite, click on “Send multiple invites” and copy and paste email addresses in the box.

By Slack: Once your Slack is connected to Hivy, Slack users will appear in a list in the “Manage your team” tab. You can invite them by selecting “Preview invitation” and then sending the invitation message via the Hivy bot.

What if my team doesn’t use Slack?

No problem! Companies all over the world use Hivy without Slack. Employees can submit requests through the Hivy web app using your catalog or by email (email us for instructions).

What is the catalog?

The catalog is a list of items or support needs that your employees can request. Each admin can customize the catalog so it reflects the habits of their company and what the team needs most. We recommend you customize your catalog when you first get set up, but you can continue to update it as-needed.

The catalog is organized into categories so you can easily select default assignees for each category (i.e. you can assign the IT Manager to the IT Support category so every request made in the category will be routed to him/her). Hivy’s tech team will be happy to help in this process (just email us).

The catalog is also viewable in Slack using the command /hivy and pressing enter.

What kind of reports can I see?

The Reporting tab enables you to filter all the tickets that have been generated since you started using Hivy. You can filter by request, category, requester, and more. From there, you can view data on a timeline or pie chart, or by quantity over a set period of time. Response time reporting is available so you can assess your performance completing requests.

All data is exportable in csv. format by clicking on “Table” next to “Visuals”.

What do my employees see in Hivy?

Hivy users who aren’t admins only see your team catalog and the requests they’ve submitted. Users can only see the details of a request when they are assigned to it.

How can I customize my Hivy account?

In the Settings tab, select “Customize” to add your company’s logo, change the color of your account, and more.

How do I manage notifications?

Hover over your profile picture in the dashboard and select “Notifications Settings.” From here, you can toggle notifications on and off based on your preferences. When Hivy is connected to Slack, you can choose to be notified by Slack or by email.

When do employees receive notifications?

By default, employees are only notified of updates on requests they’ve made, such as a status change or a new comment. Employees can change their notification settings in their dashboard.

Why is Hivy free?

Hivy is free through our partnership with Managed by Q - Hivy’s new family!

Can I use Hivy outside of the US?

Yes! Hivy is used by companies on almost every continent (we’re not in Antarctica yet, but you can use us there!). To use Hivy in multiple offices, we have a multi-location feature (email us for instructions).

Is Hivy available in other languages?

Hivy is available in English et français.