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Collect all the requests made in the office

Broken printer? Water leak? Short on coffee? Using our simple app, everyone in the office can notify the Office Manager by sending a new request directly from their desktop, from Slack and from the iPad of the office. This way nothing is lost or forgotten and everybody’s needs are taken care of.

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Organize & follow up on requests in one place

Office Managers can say goodbye to messy post-its, endless emails or complex spreadsheets. All requests are centralized on one board making it easy to keep track of what is “pending”, “accepted” and “done”. It’s time to make your Office Management more productive!

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Anticipate & keep track of your office needs

With Hivy Analytics, keep track of how much time you need to complete a task and check what’s at the top of the to-do list. Using all the data extracted from your company requests, we can help you anticipate and optimize exactly what your office needs and when. It’s never been easier for you to keep everyone happy!

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Process your teammates’ requests in less than an hour

Decrease your costs

Optimize your purchases by smartly grouping requests to create shopping lists

Increase employee happiness

Empower employees with a simple tool that gives them the opportunity to be heard!

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